A Girl and her Planner

For years I have heard my friend talk about her planner and how much she loves hers. Every time I saw it my mind couldn’t wrap around it. 6 Months ago that all changed. I realized I wanted to spend less time staring at a screen and more time actually being productive and using my brain.

IMG_7069 copy.jpg

I caved and bought my first Erin Condren. I got the Academic Planner but that didn’t really work for me. I knew that new launch of the life planner was going to happen soon so I waited patiently and as soon as they were on sale I jumped at the chance and bought my first life planner.

To be honest it was love at first site. I was so in love with all the little details and the personal organization you can do with the planner that I haven’t stopped using it since. Usually when I buy a planner it lasts for a week or so because I just don’t have enough room for it. The Erin Condren is a whole different story.


If you are on the edge trying to decide what planner to get. Research it on YouTube find what works for you. To be honest you don’t need all the accessories at once. That was my first mistake when I bought the planner. I ended up spending about $100 dollars on ETSY on just stickers. When I probably could have waited to figure out how I wan to plan it. So, don’t do what I did. When you first purchase your planner make sure that you love it enough to start buy accessories. Obviously I loved mine and have invested in it so much.


Once you step foot in the planner community it’s hard to get out. I love my planner. It keeps me sane during finals week and helps me organize my time a little bit better. In the future I will be posting weekly spreads, tips and tricks on how to plan for college and also some give aways! So stay tuned for more planning content!





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